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Dress yourself happy - the power of Pink

Updated: Feb 20

Building on my previous blog post about the meaning behind three primary colours of yellow, blue and red and how to use them in everyday dressing to make yourself happier. Today let’s have a look at Pink.


Pink usually associates with softness.

It represents – compassion, nurturing, unconditional love, affection and femininity.

It is a cool colour as it has more blue behind it than yellow. But there are so many tones of pink from warm baby pinks, nude pinks, salmon pinks to cool pinks, rose pinks, magenta and bubblegum.

Pink is a colour that gives hope and inspires comforting feelings from the person that wears it. It is a soft and gentle colour that reassures our emotions whilst eliminating negative feelings.

It's like giving ourselves a giant hug whenever we need it. It is MUCH needed after the year we have all been through.

Pale pink is a soothing colour and can be very healing if our emotions are hurt, however it is also a submissive colour and should be avoided if already feeling weak and vulnerable and feel that you may need a little pick me up.

In that case magenta or bright pink will be a better option as they are more dynamic and self-confident colours.

Right! It is officially Spring so let's get your favourite seasonal pinks out!

A few of my favourites on the highstreet (click on photos):

Have the best week ahead

Gigi xxx

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*I am not a psychologist but trained in colour and this is based solely on my opinion

* Images via Pinterest

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