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Add joy to your day - wear Orange!

Updated: Feb 20

Colour Analysis in London


Joyous Orange:

Gigi Vakilzadeh Personal Stylist

After a good rummage around my own wardrobe I realised I don’t have ANYTHING and I mean zero of this colour in my life, maybe one evening gown which I felt amazing in and felt a great energy and happiness wearing it, but that was a big coincidence rather than a conscious choice.

Funnily enough, thinking back to my first pregnancy almost 12 years ago, I was subconsciously drawn to orange as I was so happy and positive about our first addition to the family.

So after learning its tremendous power, I believe everyone should own something in their respective shades.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of wearing orange.



Orange is a warm colour, a powerhouse mix of energy/motivation of red and happiness/sunny outlook of yellow.

It is optimistic and extroverted, enthusiastic, positive and happy. It appeals to our risk taking and adventurous side.

Orange is a fabulous colour to introduce into your life if you’ve been through a tough time, it will help you feel more positive and move on with your life.

A perfect colour to ease us all out of the recent lock down.

It can be a great colour if you need a little encouragement to kick start that new project as it is a colour of activity and adventure.

A very sociable colour – so wear it to that social gathering, it will help you meet new people, make friends and make you confident and happy.


Choose the right shade for you:

As it is a warm colour, us cool skin tone owners need to look at pastel peachy more towards pink shades for Summer season skin tone and cool dark salmon shades for Winter skin tone.

Springs should wear warm bright oranges, corals and peaches. Autumns should focus on more rich earthy tones.


A few of my favourites on the highstreet:


Self Portrait





Click here to view the full collection with clickable links:

Have a great week ahead!

Gigi xxx

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