Have you ever felt something doesn't look right? Could it be a wrong colour for your complexion?


Many physiological and psychological effects of colour has been widely proven. It is paramount to our wellbeing and the way we present ourselves; it plays a huge part in our health, beauty and self confidence.

The power of colour is tremendous from a styling point of view. The right colours can make you look younger and bring your best features out. It can truly flatter your skin and take years off your complexion.

Are you ready to find out your best colours?

My main goal is to make you feel inspired and more confident through the colours you wear every day.

Group sessions of up to 4 people available too.

Colour Analysis in London and Hertfordshire


  • The session will last up to 60 minutes.

  • Draping method will be used to determine your seasonal colours.

  • I will then talk you through on how to introduce colours into your every day wardrobe to elevate your style.

  • I will also advise you on the right makeup in order to enhance your natural skin-tone and your features.

  • A full report of the session with an inspirational Pinterest board of your seasonal colours will be emailed after our appointment.

  • You will also receive a small colour fan representing your colour season for ease of shopping for clothes and make up worth £25

Colour Analysis in London and Hertfordshire



Individual Consultation including colour fan also available virtually - £115

Group colour consultation - £65 per person.

Personal Style Consultation complements this service beautifully and if bought as a package costs £160 saving 25%

Gigi provides a styling service which looks holistically at what colours and styles suit you. She comprehensively considers your body shape and skin colour/ shades in the context of your age. She has a very gentle manner while at the same time giving an air of being well informed and confident about her subject. I enjoyed the session thoroughly. Thank you Gigi.

Liz -  London