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Are you regularly wearing 20% of your wardrobe whilst 80% of the items are just hanging there unused? Are you shopping aimlessly and still have nothing to wear?


Are you stressed about getting dressed?

If you answered yes to any of the above, wardrobe edit is for you.


Your wardrobe should be a reflection of your lifestyle, your colours, your style personality and your body shape.


Wardrobe Edit is more than just a clear out and organization of your clothes. It is amazing what you can discover in women's wardrobes that they had forgotten they had or just don't wear anymore.


Sometimes it only takes a fresh pair of eyes to shop in your wardrobe, create numerous new outfits that you haven't thought about and inject life back into the things you already own.

It is an ultimate declutter that will help you create a cohesive, fully functioning and stylish wardrobe with the things you love 100%.

By editing your wardrobe, you will be able to make the most of the clothes you already have, ultimately saving money in the long run.

Wardrobe Edit in Hertfordshire and London


In advance of the edit session I will send you a questionnaire, this will help me advise you better on what clothes suit you and your lifestyle best.


During Wardrobe Edit:

  • Around 45mins will be taken out to determine your best colours and to discuss your Personal Style.

  • We will then declutter your seasonal wardrobe of items that don’t feel right for your shape and your lifestyle.

  • We will identity clothes that can be altered.

  • We will piece items together to create an ultimate feel good and functional seasonal wardrobe. 

  • We will identify any additional items to purchase in order to fill in any existing gaps.

  • A full Personal Style Consultation and Colour Analysis worth £160.

  • A report in writing of your body shape and your best colours including a complementary colour fan worth £25.

  • Key tips of what suits you and what to avoid.

  • Information about your style personality and an inspirational Pinterest moodboard of outfit ideas suitable to your lifestyle.

  • Wardrobe wish list - a shopping list of items you may need to purchase to expand your wardrobe to work even more effectively for you.

  • A catalogue of outfits we have created from the existing items in your wardrobe

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This is a 3.5 hour service that would ideally suit a small to medium sized wardrobe.

Please note, an average lady has more clothes than they actually think they have, hence we might not be able to go through all the clothes in the session, however we will carefully look through every item and curate a beautifully edited wardrobe that will take the stress out of dressing.

If you have a lot of clothes and need more time, additional time is charged at £70 an hour.

Travel time of up to 30mins radius of Edgware, North London is included in the fee.


Gigi really knows what she’s doing and she has a sharp eye on what would suit you, what wouldn’t and how you can make some items you like work for you - even if they are not your natural colors and cuts. It was amazing how she understood what I liked and described it back to me and helped me put the items I already have together in the best possible way
Gokce - Maida Vale, London


These packages are perfect for the ultimate styling experience combining wardrobe edit and personal shopping experience at the discounted rate in comparison to individual appointment prices.



What does it include:

  • Personal Style Consultation 

  • Mini Colour Analysis 30min before Wardrobe Edit.

  • 2 hour Wardrobe Edit to refresh and tidy up your existing wardrobe.

  • 1hour's research by me in the chosen location prior to the appointment, so as to maximise our time during the shopping experience.

  • 2.5  hour Personal Shopping Experience (on a separate date) for the mini style update.


What does it include:

  • Full Personal Style Consultation and Colour Analysis worth £160.

  • 3.5  hour Wardrobe Edit to overhaul your existing wardrobe.

  • 1hour's research by me  in the chosen location prior to the appointment, so as to maximise our time during the shopping experience.

  • 4 hour Personal Shopping Experience (on a separate day) for the ultimate style update.


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