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‘This GreenLeaf Kitemark highlights that Gigi Vakilzadeh has successfully completed Fashion Sustainability Certification accredited by the London College of Style’

Sustainable Stylist

I had a huge wake-up call when I realized that the Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. I realized that I did not have enough knowledge and understanding about sustainable practices in my industry, hence I started this course. I wanted to know enough about sustainability to pass my knowledge onto my clients and show them that slowing down, avoidance of impulse buying and considered purchases is not only a path to less stress when they are getting dressed but also a contribution to conscious living.

Additionally, having two teenage daughters who are growing up in an increasingly Fast fashion world I wanted them to know that there are ways of being ‘cool’ without mindless consumerism practices and the ‘throw away’ culture.


Less stuff - more meaning  - My main priority as a stylist is to help my clients to fall in love with their wardrobes again through helping them find alternative and innovative ways to style their existing clothes instead of aimlessly purchasing new items that end up at the back of their wardrobes.

Quality over quantity – I will continue to promote quality over quantity during my personal shopping appointments through education of my clients about sustainable materials and their proper care so their clothes last season after season.

Education – I vow to inform my clients of alternative options to update their wardrobes through awareness about rental options, through shopping vintage and understanding e.g. that it’s ok to wear leather if it has already been produced instead of buying something new and encouraging to re-wear their garments and not saving anything for the best.

Intent – I will always promote considered purchases that will enhance my client’s wardrobes rather than chasing that latest trend.

Authenticity – My aim is to lead by example and apply my advice and my knowledge to my own wardrobe.

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