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Does what you wear put a spring in your step? 

It is definitely not about the size, it’s about the silhouette and how clothes fit you. That one little word ‘fit’ is where the magic happens.


The key to a good style is well fitting clothes, if your clothes don’t fit you properly, you’ll never look or feel amazing in them. Just imagine a wardrobe full of well fitting clothes? Wouldn’t that feel amazing.


There is an undeniable link between what you wear and how you feel. To feel the best in our skin and to figure out what really works for us, we really ought to understand our body shape and our true Style Personality.

Once you are equipped with this life changing knowledge, dressing and shopping for clothes becomes a breeze.

It is like having a toolbox to shop for yourself, you are not doing it blindly anymore.

Body Shape and Personal Style in London and Hertfordshire


  • The service will begin with an informal chat so I can find out your needs and requirements.

  • I will then ask you to fill in a questionnaire, this will assist me in advising you better on what clothes suit you and your lifestyle best.

  • During our appointment we will discuss what to wear in order to enhance your body shape and what to avoid.

  • We will discuss your personal style which will make you feel in harmony with the clothes you choose in order to compliment your style personality and the lifestyle you have.

  • Ultimately the above will help you feel in harmony with yourself which in return will help you take the stress out of every day dressing. 

  • A full report in writing of your body shape.

  • Key tips of what suits your body shape and what to avoid.

  • An inspirational Pinterest moodboard of outfit and accessory ideas suitable to your style personality.

Personal Styling for men and women in London and Hertfordshire


I changed my entire wardrobe and even colored my hair so it was warmer!!! Our meeting together was so incredibly informative and feel so much better about what I’m wearing. I also feel like I am spending less time shopping because I’m more clear about what looks good and what I need. Plus I’m buying items that pair together in multiple ways!
Sarah - Texas, USA


Colour Analysis complements this service beautifully and if bought as a package costs £275 saving over 25%

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