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Virtual Services
Free Virtual Wardrobe Management tool

One of the many benefits of working with Gigi is continuous support you receive after each session. Gigi offers Free wardrobe management tool which allows you to have all of your wardrobe in one place. This helps us build a mutually interactive experience where I can see what you already have in your wardrobe, what we have purchased together, what outfits we have created during wardrobe edit and what you can benefit from in the future.

You then can easily divide your wardrobe in to sections of work, holiday, leisure etc. and I can build outfits for you with a click of a button. 

This tool is particularly useful as it gives you virtual access to all the clothes you own so you avoid any impulse and unnecessary purchases in the future. Additionally, it allows us to continually work on your wardrobe and only add items that would benefit your wardrobe.

Here's an overview of how Virtual Wradrobe works

  • Every new client receives our Virtual Wardrobe tool, which you can download and access on your phone in a handy app.

  • There are three handy sections within the app:

  • Finds  - images of items that I believe would enhance your existing wardrobe, when you click on the images you will be redirected to the respective online shops to purchase items. With monthly support you will receive 4 additional items that are personalised to your lifestyle, colours, bodyshape and personal style.​ If you decide to purchase any of the items you can mark them as bought and they will be transferred to your closet section. 

  • Looks - Initially I will create and upload all the looks we have created either during our wardrobe edit or personal shopping. With monthly support you will receive 4 additional looks every month to get inspired. They can be tailored to your particular needs in that month i.e. date night looks, holiday outfits, etc.

  • Closet - You and I can both upload any items that you already own or purchased. These items will be used in creating a maximum amount of looks so you can create a dream wardrobe.

  • The aim of the monthly or the option of ad-hoc subscription is to continuously create a feel good , comfortable and stylish wardrobe.

  • Maximise the wear of every single item.​

  • Stop wasting money on impulse purchases and save time.



The aim of the monthly or ad hoc subscription is to continously create a feel good, comfortable and stylish wardrobe.

  • Maximise the wear of every single item.​

  • Stop wasting money on impulse purchases and save time.

Monthly Support

Investment - £59.99 per month

 cancel at any time (30 days notice required)

What's included:

  • Monthly wardrobe refresh  - Personalised monthly shopping with links on our virtual wardrobe app (4 items maximum)                  - Styling - 4 personalised looks added to your look book on our handy virtual app easily accessible on your phone for quick reference when you need inspiration.

  • Members Pricing  - 10% off all styling services.

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