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Gigi is an amazing personal stylist! I definitely recommend working with her!

I’ve worked with Gigi to understand the colors suit me best, find my personal style and understand how I can best mix and match the clothes I already have.

We started with a full color analysis to understand my seasonal colors and find what makes me pop. It was amazing to see how different colors reflect on my skin and learn how I can use colors to look my best.

Then we moved onto the wardrobe edit - emptied all the wardrobe and started looking into colors, shapes, cuts, fabrics that are more suitable for me. Gigi really knows what she’s doing and she has a sharp eye on what would suit you, what wouldn’t and how you can make some items you like work for you - even if they are not your natural colors and cuts. It was amazing how she understood what I liked and described it back to me and helped me put the items I already have together in the best possible way. She helped me put together more than 25 outfits I’d love wearing everyday, and made me understand how I should be shopping going forward.

I loved every moment of working with Gigi, she is really understanding, professional and knows how to make you comfortable. Her artistic eye can put together different things you never thought of and she takes you through the points step by step.
Gokce - Maida Vale, London
LOVED my time with Gigi from the first email, zoom consultation and then meeting in person! A non-shopper myself, it was my first experience with a personal stylist!

Gigi is super friendly and put me to ease straight away. She taught me stylings for my body shape; best colours for my complexion; and gave me a takeaway colour swatch and personalised written profile so I wouldn’t forget! Super interesting!

Loved having a dressing room already filled with clothes for me to try on while Gigi explained each item in detail. Before I knew it, I had a ‘capsule wardrobe’ ready to wear.

Gigi is like shopping with a friend, an honest professional friend! I started wearing the clothes immediately and felt so comfortable and confident. I can highly recommend this experience.
Jane - St John's Wood, London
I had a styling session with Gigi. Before our session, Gigi had a brief chat with me about my style and what I needed from our session. Being a mum of a toddler means that I get very little time to think about myself and I was getting sick of feeling frumpy and just not myself. In addition to our pre call, I also filled in her questionnaire which gave her more information about me and my existing style.

When our session started it was clear that Gigi just got my style and understood what I needed from our session - some key ‘go to’ outfits which would suit my mum life style and that would also look good! Through photos, Gigi was able to show me exactly what kinds of outfits I could put together using only a few items. She also gave me tips on places I could buy these!

Coming out of our session, I felt more motivated and more hopeful that despite not having much time, I could independently style my outfits so that I would look and feel good on a daily basis!

I have now booked another styling with Gigi for my mum for her birthday! She can’t wait.

Thanks Gigi! X
Kate- London
My (grown-up) daughter and I booked Gigi for a colour analysis session because post-lockdown we are both feeling in need of some focus for our wardrobes.
When it's time for a styling re-fresh it's hard to know where to start and Gigi couldn't have been more helpful. The process of working through the colours which suit (and don't suit) you is relaxing and fun, she's a thoughtful, knowledgeable expert in her field and both of us were surprised at a number of the colours and shades Gigi helped us to discover suited us.
We then went though our wardrobes working out what could/should work for us and I now feel armed to go shopping with a confidence I didn't feel before.
I know that Gigi also does personal styling, so that's the next step for us, she personally looks so good, it gives you confidence to know that she does know what she's talking about! She also gave us some insight into makeup shades and tones and the kind of palette we should be using - really invaluable!
Ally- Finchley, London
Gigi provides a stying service which looks holistically at what colours and styles suit you.
She comprehensively considers your body shape and skin colour/ shades in the context of your age. My consultation, which was a birthday present from my daughter, was a great experience and Gigi gave me a range of ideas concerning dress and makeup.
She also provided me with both written and written feedback plus swatches of colour fabrics to take with me when I shop.
She has a very gentle manner while at the same time giving an air of being well informed and confident about her subject. I enjoyed the session thoroughly. Thank you Gigi.
Liz- London

I am ever so thankful to Gigi for showing me and teaching what colours make me look amazing. My complexion and skin tone matched to ‘my colour palette’.


Gigi taught me that black is not always the best and safe option and how not to be scared to go for bright colours. I have my little guide samples always handy and people noticed the change of my style for better for sure!


Forever grateful to Gigi ❤️❤️❤️

Renata - London

I have done wardrobe edit at my place with Gigi and it was really useful and so much fun!

We determined my ‘wow colours’ and the shapes of clothes that are more flattering for me, trying on plenty of outfits from my closet. Gigi has really an expert eye!

Now I feel more confident on what to buy and I will not waste money on things that don’t make me look my best.

For me it was really worth it!

Aria - London
I changed my entire wardrobe and even colored my hair so it was warmer!!! Our meeting together was so incredibly informative and feel so much better about what I’m wearing. I also feel like I am spending less time shopping because I’m more clear about what looks good and what I need. Plus I’m buying items that pair together in multiple ways!
Sarah - Texas, USA
Great affordable service, something I thought only celebrities could have. Gigi made me feel very special and I have learnt so much about how to style existing clothes and choose new outfits. I’ve never had so many compliments on my wardrobe choices. Highly recommend!
Kirsty - Hertfordshire
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