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Dress yourself happy – all eyes on primary colours

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I was never colour averse but did not gravitate to it naturally either but when I witnessed how the right colours can transform a person’s look I fell in love with it.

What some of the colours mean and how you can apply it to your everyday dressing?

Three primary colours – red, blue and yellow


Represents a lot of energy, passion, motivation, strength but can also represent anger and danger.

True red suits every skin tone, however it’s quite difficult to find on the high street. More yellow behind the colour gives it warmth and suits warm skin tones, more blue behind the colour cools it off and suits cool skin tones.

Wear it if you need/want to get noticed.

If you are after a bit of encouragement when tackling something new red can provide that much needed energy.

Gigi Vakilzadeh Colour Analysis in London

But be mindful too much red can be sometimes perceived as dominant and aggressive.

So think one item of clothing, a pop of red in the form of accessories or a lippy, especially in the work environment.

Cool it off with a bit of blue to get that balance of calm and energy.


Represents mental clarity, confidence, calm authority and improves concentration.

Dark blue is perfect if you need mental clarity and focus to finish off the task, especially if it is detailed.

It is a great colour if you want people to perceive you as someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Be mindful, too much of dark blue could be perceived as cold and distant.

Light blue, think blue skies, is a great colour for mental calmness and open communication.

Although too much of it could make you look too cold and somewhat unapproachable.

Why not add a bit of yellow to balance it out and give that pop of optimism and confidence?

Virtual Colour Analysis

As it is a cool colour it would work for cool skin tones perfectly.

For warmer skin tones think aqua blue, petrol blue, teal blue, electric blue and peacock blues.


It’s a colour of sunshine and is a very joyful colour.

It evokes feelings of happiness and vitality.

If you need that boost of optimism, confidence and self-esteem yellow is your go to colour.

Yellow is a fantastic colour to wear if you need clarity of mind for any decision making in your life.

As yellow is associated with sunlight and joy wearing it can help you overcome periods of unhappiness and depression.

Know your best colours

Be mindful too much of yellow can bring out the feelings of anxiety and irritation.

It works perfectly as an accent colour.

Yellow and blue are perfect together as yellow warms the blue.

And why not combine the three primary colours together and enjoy the benefits of them all?

All images taken from Pinterest

Have a fab week ahead

Gigi xxx

If you'd like to know your colours do not hesitate to get in touch

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