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The Essence of Style

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Why Generic Capsule Wardrobes Don't Work!

Clothes tell a story without us having to speak. They reflect our way of life and what matters to us.

To feel good and confident, one should wear clothes that resonate with them. They should bring out the truest version of you.

If your wardrobe isn't meeting your expectations, it might be because it doesn't reflect your personal style, suit your body shape, or incorporate your best colors.

You cannot feel happy with your clothes if you don’t know who you are in terms of style, what suits your body shape and what colours bring the best out of your complexion. Hence you go back to a few items you wear on repeat with the rest of your wardrobe gathering dust.

The first step in creating a happy wardrobe is a great base of it and this is where your classic capsule wardrobe comes in. It’s a collection of timeless, great quality items which mix and match easily together.

The first step in creating the base of your wardrobe is identifying your core colours. Choose 3 or 4 neutral colours which mix and match easily together as the foundation of your wardrobe.

Your neutrals will depend on the colour season you fall into i.e. Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn, hence your capsule wardrobe will look completely different to someone's else's.

Example of Summer Season Neutrals:

Example of Winter Season Neutrals:

Example of Spring Season Neutrals:

Example of Autumn Season Neutrals:

The next step is to identify your bodyshape.

There is no point in blindly following a capsule wardrobe guide without understanding what works for your silhouette. You don't have to add a breton (striped) top to your wardrobe if you already have a curvier top half.

Lastly, identify to your style personality you can read more about it here.

So how would a capsule wardrobe differ between Winter Colour season and Spring Colour season?

Winter Season capsule wardrobe will contain all of your classic neutrals: white, gray, black and classic navy and silver jewelry as it is a cool season:

Spring Season capsule wardrobe will contain neutrals: cream, camel, golden brown, warm petrol blue and gold jewelry as it is a warm season:

I'd like to reiterate, there is no point in blindly following a capsule wardrobe guide without understanding what works for your silhouette, your colour palette and your style personality. A generic guide will not feel aligned with your three essentials (body shape, colours and style personality). Begin discovering your unique style by drawing inspiration, exploring aesthetics, embracing colours that resonate with you and understanding your body shape.


Gigi xx

If you'd like any help in building your dream capsule wardrobe do not hesitate to get in touch

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