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The Essence of Style

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From stressed to dressed

Often when I work with my clients I see a common pattern emerging and this time especially post pandemic the biggest woe is knowing how to form an everyday uniform.

So here’s a guide how to build an excellent foundation of your wardrobe with excellent basics and adding a few new season hero pieces to add your spin to it and create multiple outfits that will take you from stressed to dressed in a few minutes.

In order to create a functional every day wardrobe you need to heavily rely on brilliant basics that will serve you for many seasons to come. The key here is to keep everything within neutral colour pallet so everything will mix and match effortlessly.

Here are a few of my favourite basics for this upcoming spring.

Trench coat






Tailored trousers



This little list is a perfect example of considered wardrobe which will create at least 4 looks.

Add this seasons trends to make your wardrobe basics feel up to date. So Spring 2023 is all about colour and blue seems to be everywhere. These additions will help you create 7 further looks which brings your wardrobe to total sum of 12 looks. Here are a few of my favourites.

If you start making considered purchases you’ll notice you need far less than you actually ever thought. A couple of jackets, a couple of pairs of jeans and a couple of coats will be far better, than tens of okeish items. Always think quality over quantity.

At the end of the day a well organised wardrobe with less choice where everything is visible – translates into stress free mornings.

Mucho love



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