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Top tips on how to pack light for a Holiday

How to pack light for your holiday

Once upon a time I was a notorious over packer with my suitcase full of just 'in case' items. Did I ever have those 'just in case' moments? Hardly EVER! I always ended up bringing back clothes that I never wore and used to beat myself up about it.

Nowadays I can fit my whole holiday wardrobe in a single hand luggage if we are going away for a week. The key in doing so is to carefully plan. You can grab my top 5 tips on how to pack light for your upcoming holiday below

Tip #1 - Research the climate and the location you are going to be visiting

  • Is it humid? Then plan your wardrobe around natural materials like cotton and linen, they will keep you cool.

  • Will you be spending lots of time indoors with air conditioning? Then add a versatile blazer or a thin cardigan to keep you warm.

  • Are you travelling with kids? Comfort is key when you are travelling with kids, there is no point in struggling with your high heels at dinner time, so plan accordingly.

  • Will you be spending lots of time on the beach or are you an active type? Then pack your hiking boots and hiking gear that will keep you cool, do not forget a cap and a great suntan lotion.

  • Will you be going out and need evening wear? Then a versatile day to evening dress is a must, just add fancier shoes and accessories and you are ready to go without putting in too much effort.

  • Have a look at the resort you are staying in, this will help you to get a feel for what people are wearing.

Tip #2 - Keep the foundation of your travel wardrobe to 3 matching colours.

This will help you mix and match your wardrobe easily. They don't have to be neutrals if you are a bold type, just make sure your items match with at least 3 items that you are packing.

Tip #3 - Pack minimal amount of shoes

Invest in that versatile pair of shoes that will go with everything in your holiday wardrobe, then add comfortable pool/beach shoes and wear a pair of trainers whilst travelling and for those active days.

Tip #4 - Try everything on before you pack

My top tip is to take the time and try things on before you pack. Mix and match everything including shoes and accessories then take photos for reference.

Tip #5 - Accessorise well

Finally, always remember to accesorise with every outfit, it will elevate your outfits in no time:

  • Statement sunglasses is a must

  • Include sun hat

  • Earrings

  • Necklaces

  • Bangles/bracelets

  • Great beach bag

And finally if you take your time to create a great travel capsule wardrobe with versatile pieces that serve holiday after holiday you can always travel light and feel stylish at the same time.

Mucho love



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