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The Essence of Style


Prep like a Boss and look well put together every single day!

Updated: Feb 20

Your self-image, what you see when you look in the mirror and how you picture yourself in your mind is actually a key to your success.


Studies have long demonstrated that people make assumptions based on their first impression of you within the first 7 seconds of interaction. Wow, that's a short time to make the right impression.


One thing I realised over the years is that prep is key to looking more put together in the mornings and rediscovering your own Personal Style.


This can be a game changer especially after recent pandemic with dress codes somewhat blurred and many people working from home, we need to revisit our wardrobes for them to reflect our actual and not imaginary lifestyles.


It makes us wear more of our stuff and actually buy less (I am a huge advocate of this), especially when people are bored and make impulse buys online without a second thought, hence buying aimlessly.

Stop Buying Aimlessly!

We often shop online due to our emotional state. It's a quick fix to get rid of negative emotions and replace them with positive ones.

Does it work? No, we still have nothing to wear!

Most of the time we do not know who we truly are in terms of Style, we don't know our body shape, neither the colours which enchance our complexion. The aim is to stop following other people and really understand who we truly are.

How to discover your style?

Style usually comes together like a jigsaw puzzle

  • The first step in creating your dream style is to envision it and get inspired.

Firstly, ask yourself: What is your actual and not imaginary lifestyle? Busy working mum with small kids, who’s constantly on the go, you’d probably be after something comfortable but would still like to feel stylish and well put together.


  • Ask yourself what do you want to feel like in the clothes you wear?

Stylish, sexy, comfy, relaxed, over the top or minimal.

  • What is your style?

Are you more of a Classic type, think Victoria Beckham? Minimal: Jennifer Aniston? Quite creative: Blake Lively? Really into your Colours? Love vintage? Into Street style? Etc.

  • What are your go-to items that make you feel amazing?

Is it a midi dress? A blazer? Biker jacket? Jeans and a t-shirt? Trainers or heels?

Once you have a clear idea of the above, go and do your research.

My usual go-to place is Pinterest, it’s a perfect platform to get inspired. You can create endless moodboards for every occasion.

Get Organised!

Once you have a clearer idea what your Personal Style is.

My advice is to get organised on Sundays for that 7 day rail or at least from the night before so you take the stress out of getting dressed and feel like a million bucks every single day.

Think of it as some ‘me’ time, a little Sunday ritual, apply a face mask and hang all of the outfits on the rail (it doesn’t have to be a rail! Can be a section of your wardrobe etc.), include a couple of alternatives if some days you just don’t fancy the outfit you have selected previously.

That’s also a brilliant way to utilise more of your wardrobe, instead of just grabbing and going with the first item that comes to mind. Afterall we only use 20% off our wardrobes 80% of the time.

Use this prep as a Wardrobe Edit on the go, whatever doesn't fit or you don't feel like a million bucks in has to go.

This way you will create a cohesive wardrobe where you love every single item, then dressing becomes a breeze.




If you are time poor and don't have time to spare I offer a myriad of styling services, do not hesitate to contact me here Contact | Styling With Gigi | Personal Styling in London and Herts



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