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The Essence of Style

  • Gigi

Hi Everyone, welcome to my new blog!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022


Before I take you on my fashion journey, I’d like to introduce myself.

Gigi Vakilzadeh Personal Styling in London

I am a 35 year old stay at home mum, that decided it’s time to get off my bottom and start chasing my dreams again. I was always into fashion, followed all the latest trends from an early age and put a

huge emphasis on the way I looked as I always felt that gave me an extra boost of confidence.


I was born and raised in Lithuania in a coastal town of Klaipeda, I come from a traditional Eastern European family that put a huge emphasis on education and unfortunately fashion wasn’t in my parent’s vocabulary, I was always expected to become a lawyer.

I ‘rebelled’ and studied International Relations instead 😊

In my first year of uni at our capital city of Vilnius I met a very special man from London, it was a huge shock to everyone, when I announced I’m moving to the UK, till this date I’m still the only one from my family living abroad.


Well really the rest is history, we got married, I graduated with BA in International Relations from London uni, whilst I was considering what to do with myself I fell pregnant with my first daughter and stayed at home for the next 3 years.

I am not a homely type and I had ants in the pants after 3 years at home and decided to do my masters degree part time when my second daughter was only 2months old.

Fast forward 2 years and I was working crazy hours in the City of London as a Management Consultant with two kids under the age of 4…

I crashed and burnt, constantly exhausted, I became a shell of a human, and one day I just handed in my resignation without even consulting my husband…


Once again I became stay at home mum, but boy this time I enjoyed it, I was able to drop them off to school, be there for bedtime and be there for my daughter as she was diagnosed with dyslexia.

One year stretched into 5, in the process I lost myself as a woman, I suffered for a year with severe case of adult acne due to my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), I was miserable and borderline depressed.


Love for style and fashion came to rescue. I created an Instagram account @gigiv_style where I would share my daily #ootd, I was able to take my mind of my skin. The skin has healed albeit I’ve got a few scars left behind to remind me that nothing lasts forever.

The love for fashion and style has been revived, and this is how I ended up doing Woman’s Personal Styling course with London College of Style. I am looking forward to making women look and feel their best, especially if they have lost themselves by putting others first as I have been there myself…

I am really excited to share this journey with you all…

Mucho Love,



I can very much relate ! Not that I’m a mom but to the fact what my own IG is for me which an escape and distraction from my reality for the moment. Looking forward for more!




Wow this is so powerful, Thank you for sharing your story.

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