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Dress for success this festive season!

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Like the rest of the world our lives have been put into hibernation through pandemic.

But our social lives are awakening and with that we must learn how to dress again and leave our comfort of sweatpants, hoodies and impulse online shopping behind.

So get those sequins out, put those heels on and add that glamourous lippy on!

Here's a quick guide to this seasons festive dressing from glamorous to cozy Christmas at home.

This dress is absolutely stunning, although wearing a coat over it could be rather tricky, but nonetheless worthy (press on images for links).

Here are a few of my favourite dresses for a special occasion ranging from trending saturated colours to timeless pieces you'll wear over and over again. Add tall boots for the dressed down version with earrings of your choice (press on images for links):

Down to dressy Christmas at home with glittery tops, shirts adorned with feathers, cashmere jumpers, bright blazers and an all season dresses which will be staples in your wardrobes for many seasons to come (press on images for links).

Much love

Gigi x

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